Data scientist and scientific programmer, specialized in geosciences and remote sensing for environment. Deep learning practitioner.
More than 15 years of experience working at the IT department of the Brazilian National Water Agency (ANA).
Currently on the last year of PhD on the Géosciences Environnement Toulouse (GET) laboratory, Université Paul Sabatier (UPS), Toulouse, France.
Passionate writer and educator. Check out my articles on Medium (

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Deep learning articles published on Medium

A simple cloud-detection walk-through using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN and U-Net) and libraryAV
How to create a custom Dataset / Loader in PyTorch, from Scratch, for multi-band Satellite Images Dataset from KaggleAV
Creating a Very Simple U-Net Model with PyTorch for Semantic Segmentation of Satellite ImagesAV
Creating training patches for Deep Learning Image Segmentation of Satellite (Sentinel 2) ImageryAV
How to create a DataBlock for Multispectral Satellite Image Segmentation with the Fastai-v2TDS
How to implement augmentations for Multispectral Satellite Images Segmentation using Fastai-v2 and AlbumentationsTDS

Publications: AV - Analytics Vidhya | TDS - Towards Data Science

Programming / Remote Sensing articles published on Medium

Organizing Geospatial data with Spatio Temporal Assets Catalogs — STAC using pythonTDS
Creating Sentinel 2 (Truly) Cloudless Mosaics with Microsoft Planetary ComputerTDS
How to Download Assets from Google Earth Engine (GEE) and Overcome the Size LimitationsAV
Leveraging the Performance of Agglomerative Clustering for High-Resolution Satellite ImagesAV
Water Detection in High Resolution Satellite Images using the waterdetect python packageTDS
Python for Geosciences: Working with Satellite Images (step by step)AV
Python for Geosciences: Satellite Image Analysis (step by step)AV
Python for Geosciences: Spectral Analysis (step by step)AV
Python for Geosciences: Raster bit masks explained (step by step)AV
Python for Geosciences: Raster Merging, Clipping and Reprojection with RasterioAV
Python for Geosciences: Scatter Plots and PDF reportsAV
How to Implement Sunglint Detection for Sentinel 2 Images in Python using Metadata InfoTDS
A Python Framework to Retrieve and Process hyperspectral field measurements from TRIOS sensorsTDS

Publications: AV - Analytics Vidhya | TDS - Towards Data Science

Finance and Algo Trading articles published on Medium

A Step-by-step Implementation of a Trading Strategy in Python using ARIMA + GARCH modelsAV
Comparing the performance of LSTM vs ARIMA+GARCH on the S&P500 stock indexAV
Understanding and Implementing Kalman Filter in Python for Pairs TradingAV
Implementing a Simple Mean Reverting Pairs Trading Algorithm in the Quantconnect platform (Part 1)AV
Implementing a Simple Mean Reverting Pairs Trading Algorithm in the Quantconnect platform (Part 2)AV
How to backtest Quantconnect’s (LEAN) strategies locally using Yahoo data and PythonDDI

Publications: AV - Analytics Vidhya | TDS - Towards Data Science | DDI - Data Driven Investor

Cordeiro, M.C.R., Martinez, J.-M., Peña-Luque, S., 2021. Automatic water detection from multidimensional hierarchical clustering for Sentinel-2 images and a comparison with Level 2A processors. Remote Sensing of Environment 253, 112209.
Peña-Luque, S., Ferrant, S., Cordeiro, M., Ledauphin, T., Maxant, J., Martinez, J., 2021. Sentinel-1&2 Multitemporal Water Surface Detection Accuracies, Evaluated at Regional and Reservoirs Level. Remote Sensing 13, 3279.
Barbosa, S.A.; Cordeiro, M.C.R; Silva, M.A; et. al., 2014. Atlas Geográfico de Recursos Hídricos do Brasil. Brasília: Agência Nacional de Águas.

Water Detect

Unsupervised algorithm to generate open water cover masks, specially conceived for L2A Sentinel 2 imagery, based on multidimensional clustering. without any a priori knowledge on the scene.

Radiometry Trios

This package allows the manipulation of hyperspectral radiometry measurements from field campaigns, using the TRIOS equipment

Sentinel Downloader

The SentinelDownloader package provides a very simple Python interface to download Sentinel imagery from the Copernicus Open Access Hub. It is a high level object oriented wrapper to the SentinelSat api.

Other ProjectsDescription
GEES2DownloaderThe GEES2Downloader is a simple downloader for S2 imagery from Google Earth Engine. The objective is to overcome the limitations imposed by GEE when downloading assets directly through HTTP protocol.
downplanetSimple Sentinel2 downloader for Microsoft Planetary Computer.

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